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Setting up and then running your own business can be so daunting and at times very time consuming. You can often get bogged down in all the administration tasks that are vital to keep the cogs of your business turning but you realise that you just haven’t got time to do all these tasks and you need a spare pair of hands, a second brain and a trusted advisor to come on this journey with you.

Auxilium Admin provides various services that can be tailored to your needs at every stage of your business. A lifeboat in a crisis when you just need someone to come and save you and then a lighthouse showing you the way and proactively taking on tasks and working seamlessly alongside you.

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Before you go any further, let’s have a discovery call chat.

Discovery Call

This is a free 30 minute telephone call to discuss your needs and for us to get to know each other and our businesses and for me to make suggestions about how Auxilium Admin can support you.

If you feel that you need to discuss your needs in more detail, then there are options to deep dive even further even further. Auxilium Admin Ambulance are clinics where you can book my time for a brainstorm of a problem, project or administration process.

Auxilium Admin Ambulance

Triage 1 hour £99


  • Short Questionnaire
  • Follow up email with details of the call

Good for reviews of a specific task or project

Consultant/Mot Reviews £399


  • Longer Questionnaire
  • Report & recommendations
  • Action Plan
  • Follow up meeting / call 14 days & 30 days later

Multiple interlinked areas of your business that need brainstorming. 

After one of these sessions you will have a clearer picture of what you need and what the plan and way head will be.

If you just want a one off project completed then there are the Layer packages to suit your needs.

VA – Layer Packages:


Call Out – start at £40 per hour

for those urgent and adhoc projects. 

If you know what you need to outsource and decide on a block of hours for a project and specify the amount and hours used then you can choose from these options:


5 hours – £200

Great for smaller projects or repeated tasks.



10 hours – £350

Ongoing support and built in flexibility if your workload changes


15 hours – £500

Knowing your business and providing proactive dedicated support

At a certain point after using these services it will be clear that you are being supported in various areas of your business with Virtual Business Management and at this point the following services can be introduced.

VBM – Launchpad Services:

These services allow you to hand over the smooth running of your business whilst knowing at all times the status of tasks and projects. The VBM Launchpad services provide fully proactive support, with suggested opportunities for your business and are tailored to provide a bespoke and flexible service.

The pricing is dependant on the specialist tasks, projects, support, communications and meetings that your require. They will vary from looking after 1 Owner to a team, supporting and motivating them, updating and suggesting key business documentation, conducting meetings, research and proactively supporting the business to grow and thrive in its industry.


£500 per month

Great for a sole Business Owner who is burning the midnight oil


£750 per month

As the business grows and you take on multiple projects and staff


£1000 per month

Proactive dedicated support as a second brain with seamless integration.

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