Services I have used for my Business.

When running a business even I as a Virtual Business Manager, I need to outsource services and enlist specialist help.

Here is a list of the services that I have used and why. Some of them may have affiliate links attached which means that I might get a small commission if you choose to sign up or enlist services from the provider. 

It doesn’t cost you anything but that’s my benefit of sharing what I know with you all.

Some may have a discount code that has come directly from the company to me and to you so we both benefit.

TPG Design

I met Liz Garrigan of TPG Design at a Kingston networking event. We had a 121 and Liz outlined all the services that they offered. This was very useful to me as I work with many CEO’s and Business Owners supporting them with strategic projects some of which are launching and revamping websites with effective SEO.

One of my Clients needed to move their current website onto a different platform and TPG were able to support in this process moving it from Wix to Shopify.

We all worked together to ensure that there was a smooth transfer of information and the service from TPG was friendly and professional from the start and I felt very confident that the new web site would match my Client’s expectations.

Networking with Liz has provided me with great contacts at TPG Design and I look forward to referring more of my clients to them and working with them myself! 





The Office Management Portal

I met Hana Gray of The Office Management Portal at the PA Show conference in 2019 and she demonstrated the OMP Portal to me. I signed up there and then for the free access, but I was so blown away by the content, collaboration and community, that I paid for the access to all her wonderful downloadable templates and resources . Take a look for yourself, you WON’T be disappointed ! if after using the FREE version you want to upgrade , please use the Discount code ‘AUX25’ at the checkout to get 25%off for life !

Flossie's Oils

Scents have always been powerful reminders and had uplifting effects on me and I now want to share their powers with you all.
Flossie’s Oils educates, enlightens and inspires you about the power of oils but also about many other products.
I have been using essential oils for many years and last year I was introduced to doTerra. I use essential oils in my life on a daily basis either by inhaling, ingesting or applying topically, depending on what I am using. I alwasy start my day in the office working from home diffusing my favourite oils to kick start my day.
Come and join me in this world and feel free to ask any questions to let me tell you about a specific oil you are curious about or want to know more about or any other product in the range.




Your Listening Ear


I met Sue Towner at Kingston Chamber of Commerce. She introduced me at meetings to so many people that she knew which made me feel so welcome. She is such a talented lady and at every meeting reads out a poem that she has written about that event and sometimes tells us she has just ‘cobbled’ it together on the bus ride. I can vouch that she hasn’t just put it together as each poem is so relevant, however, if she has, then that is down to her talent and knowledge of people and events.

Sue has many years of experience as an Accountant, but now under Your Listening Ear offers business advice for small businesses and startups.

One day we were chatting and I told her that she must write all the poems down in a book and sell them. She and her hubby have since collated them and you can buy them from her website. I highly recommend reading them!

I also asked her to write one about my business and you can read it here.


Jo Robbens Photography

I met Jo Robbens at a Networking group and we had a great conversation about how the use of images for your business is so powerful. Not only does it bring you and your brand to life, it provides a professional window into your business world and how you operate.

Jo has a wealth of different offerings for Business, Home and Family life, where she captures those priceless moments in time, saved, viewed and admired forever !

Be sure to catch our interview recorded for you on my Home page at the bottom, discussing my experience of the use of my images for my business.

                                                                                                 http://Jo Robbens Photography



I have been a member of APVA ( or VIP VA as it was ) for three years. It is owned and run by Charlotte Wibberley. She has provided a wealth of information to the VA industry and the membership to her group is invaluable. I have met some amazing VAs in this membership and over the years these connections have formed valuable and collaborative relationships. The VA/EA/PA/OBM/VBM Industry during COVID has proved its worth to Business owners elevating this Industry to very professional levels and showing that our services can save time and money and provide skilled and knowledge in a flexible manner.



Amanda Johnson and VACT were a hugely valuable source of information and support during my first year in business. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her and getting involved in her membership community and joining in on her informative webinars and events. I have been inspired and challenged in this arena and I am now looking forward to where my business reaches in its 4th year. Thanks, Amanda – you are Awesome !​


Tomorrow's VA

Shelley Fishel of Tomorrow’s VA has a wealth of experience in Microsoft Office. I met her in person 2 years ago at the PA Show in London. I also saw her in action in a fab workshop and knew she was the whizz that everyone had told me she was. I have since bought a lifetime access to her HUB and all the courses in there are a MUST if you are a VA on a mission. The courses will give you confidence in all the Office 365 components and will catapult you to dizzy heights !


Salmon Magazine

Salmon is a Magazine for an ethically informed Kingston and asks citizens of the borough to consider investing in our local community in a totally different way whether that means saving, spending or giving, we can do this locally.

The magazine ‘Salmon’ was named so because it is designed to give a voice to local business, local charities and local community groups because all of them are sensitive to their environment.

Read all about Salmon here or access the latest magazine here

Lauren Jane Coaching

I met Lauren when I was Networking locally and was struck by her easy manner, work ethic and coaching knowledge.

I have attended her Workshops and more recently a Mini Free Course which were so well thought out, delivered professionally and had so much useful content

Lauren Jane Coaching / Synchronicity




Wild Monkey Creations

Ped Millichamp offers a range of services to help businesses develop and strengthen their brand via many mediums. He created a banner for me to use at events and in my Zoom calls ! I will be chatting to him again and highly recommend his professional services in vibrant execution and final products.


Peppercorn Networking

I came across Peppercorn Networking run by David Harris in June 2020. I love speed networking and meeting new people, so what was not to love?

As David says; – ” Networking is about going out there, getting yourself known, and getting the business rather than advertising and waiting for the leads to come in. Don’t expect INSTANT success – it is all about building relationships. At the same time, do not be afraid to ASK for the business.”

Come and join us and use my affiliate link


Ashbourne Insurance

They provided me with Professional Liability, Cyber Liability and Public and Products Liability cover and have done so since 2017.

Please ask for Peter Smits and mention Alex Hughes – Auxilium Admin and he will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Annie Armitage Photography

Annie provided me with Headshots in 2017 and updated them in 2019. From the start she put me at ease and it was such a fun experience, and the Headshot Photos on both occasions were amazing, especially the latest ones !


Thrive Beyond

I have attended several Coaching Workshops run by Rachel in 2018 and 2019 which covered “Your Vision of success’ and ‘Formulating packages” for your business to help you grow and thrive.


Paula Massey Photography

Paula provided me with ‘Business Brand Images’ in 2019 which I used across my new website and all social media and branding. Paula has a knack of really understanding the message that you want to convey and the resulting images accurately portray this for your business.


Business Made Simpler

I have attended several Coaching Workshops run by Amanda in 2018 and 2019. As a result of this we have recently collaborated on two Workshops that we have running , ‘Be Desk Smart’ and ‘Be Time Smart’. Please do email me for more information and dates for these workshops and I will be happy to send you some information and links to book your place.

Banks’ Business Solutions

Sarah has built my new WordPress website which launched in 2020. She also manages and updates my site making it secure on an ongoing monthly basis. Sarah is a whizz at many software applications and is currently supporting me with Mailchimp and my landing pages and lists, to make sign up slick and efficient.

Zebra Business Solutions

Zoe has supported me with writing my copy and SEO for my new website launched in 2020.



Lisa supported me with copy for local Advatorial in 2019.

Digital Mother

I attended a Social Media Workshop run by Emma in 2019.


Annabel of KoffeeKlatch has provided me with legal documents and contracts for my business since 2017. She has immense legal knowledge and is an avid supporter of the VA industry, providing professional guidance and support in a straight forward, honest and amusing  ” ducks in a row” way

Please the following code to receive a 10% Discount at the Checkout !  AUX10

Suzanne Dibble

 Suzanne Dibble is the Small Business Legal Expert and the guru of GDPR ! She has provided me clear and concise in depth advice on GDPR and resources, ensuring my compliance since 2018 and going forwards with any legislative changes.


I have purchased and used various products from this company e.g. ‘Minimate’, a cardboard sleek laptop stand which comes in a portable case, and a ‘Moft’, a Laptop stand that sticks to the case of my laptop with flexible positions.

Please also use the following code to receive a 10% Discount at the Checkout !  DM10

The Homeworker

I met Louise at Flexpo and subscribed to her Homeworker online magazine and purchased the beautiful hardback copy too in 2019.


I often refer to this website for very useful information as they are the ergonomic experts. They provide a great deal of guidance from products to use, training, DSE assessments, events and seminars and downloadable advice sheets. 

Saskian Technologies

Suzanne has set up Office 365 software and provides Auxilium with ongoing support and backup

Feron Clark Style

I attended a Colour Consultation Workshop with Anita, which included a personalised colour wallet to help me chose colours to wear confidently in business.

faultless copywriting

I attended a workshop using her strategies about, ‘How to write more powerfully for your business’, and also ‘Communications calendar strategy and planning ‘ run by Jude in 2019

CEM Bookkeeping and Consultancy

Clare supports me with all things financial for my business. She introduced me to automation which has saved me SO much time ( Xero, ReceiptBank and HubDoc to name a few )