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I hope you have found this website about ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’ useful.

I would be very happy to chat to you further about my services to see how I can help your business.

Despite being based in Kingston upon Thames, I am ‘VIRTUAL’, so can help you wherever you are based.


  • KNOW – Having looked at this website you now KNOW what ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’S’services are.
  • LIKE – If you LIKE the sound of what you have read and ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’S’ services resonate with your pain points, then please contact me.
  • TRUST – Working together, getting to know your business and seamlessly integrating with it, will help you elevate your Business and TRUST  ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’to fulfill your needs,

Alex Hughes of ‘Auxilium Admin’ looks forward to hearing from you very soon and becoming your Virtual ‘Bespoke Business Partner’, supporting you in your ‘Admin’ journey.

Auxilium Administration Services Ltd
07966 456734
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

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